Music Monday – Liar by Rollins Band

I have to say that I’m not a huge Rollins fan. I prefer his spoken word much more than his music. When Liar was released I was more of a hip-hop fan. This song however managed to break through and stick with me for years.

How to Unprotect a Third-Party Encrypted PDF on OSX

  This is just a quick tech note for those that might be fighting an encrypted PDF on OSX.   I had a PDF that was encrypted by a third-party certificate that I had to install on my system.  Once the certificate was installed, I could view the document – but only in the official […]

Cedar Point Memories – Part 31 – Ocean Motion

    Picture taken Since Ocean Motion now occupies the old Demon Drop site, I thought this would be the best follow-up to the last story. When I was young I always enjoyed Ocean Motion.   It’s a giant swinging ride shaped like a viking ship.  I started riding this whatever year I became tall […]

Cedar Point Memories – Part 30 – The Demon Has Dropped

I remember the commercial above and when it aired on TV in 1983.    I was six years old and intimidated.  I wouldn’t be intimidated for a long period over a ride until the Magnum XL 2000 was constructed.   Since then there hasn’t been a  ride that has given me pause. I had a babysitter […]

Music Monday – Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill

Earlier this year I discovered Kathleen Hanna and Bikini Kill. I fall into the group that was just oblivious to Bikini Kill back when they were actually a group. I learned about them by watching the documentation “The Punk Singer” on Netflix. Since then I’ve been preaching their music to the people I think would […]

Back in 70’s and 80’s We Had Normal Fast Food and Fancy Fast Food

  Maybe this is a Ohio idea, but there used a delineation between standard fast food restaurants and almost sit down restaurant style fast food.   Looking back and what was considered fancy and standard seemed to be the likelihood of eating in the restaurant or taking the food out.  Another 80’s invention cemented in […]

Pizza Flavored Goldfish Crackers and Me

  When I was a kid we didn’t have the debate of whether Goldfish crackers are good for you or not.   I read an article a few years ago about how Goldfish crackers were one of the worst things you can eat and have nothing to offer you other than calories.   I couldn’t […]