From Star of Intrepid Blog – Roving Coverage of Player Events – Cessna’s Birthday Party

Well It was a day and half here today – Cessna turned 16 and Lerina through a surprise birthday for him. The party took place today in the player city of Chinon on Corellia. Due to some problems with getting around Cessna got to be late to his own surprise party. We only enjoyed the time and kicked back by the shuttle until Lerina had things setup by here cantina.

Some of the guests really enjoyed the hawtpant party favors

Everything was going fine until Rocky-Balboa had the bounty hunter Mammon show up and have his number pulled. Was this trouble for Rocky?

Mammon was defeated and Rocky-Balboa got to continue partying the night away.

Ironically another bounty hunter Vudvee- just sat back and watch the action unfold – never missing a step in his dance.

They even managed to throw together a best dressed contest, thankfully Cessna was not a judge since he said he was biased and would have voted for Mae. After some hot action of trying to bribe the judges between Oneru and myself the winner was decided – Lerina Et-at wins best dressed.

We would like to thank our judges – from left to right – Jazeriah Sundancer, Neeill Orkaorchi, and Koraann Lightningwave.

We did manage to snag a group photo of those who managed to sneak away from the dance floor long enough to allow their picture to be taken. For the rest of you that missed out please respond quicker next time.

And how could we close without a picture of the birthday boy himself – Cessna Et-at.

This is Creeva Murkado – Roving Party Reporter – Signing off……

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