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Wookieepedia’s Feature Article: The Ebon Hawk

Posted: 22 Jul 2007 09:35 PM CDT

The Ebon Hawk was a freighter-turned-smuggler ship that rose to fame due to its use around the time of the Jedi Civil War. It was well-known throughout the Galaxy as a ship associated with the Exchange, and it passed through many hands before coming into the ownership of the amnesiac Jedi Revan…

Coke’s new design: keep it simple, stupid

Posted: 22 Jul 2007 09:37 PM CDT

Gone are the superfluous swooshes, bubbles and halftone tints that have been creeping onto Coke’s cans these last few years. In their place is one of the strongest treatments of the company’s brand I’ve ever seen.

British Woman Reads Harry Potter the Deathly Hallows in Just 47 Minutes

Posted: 22 Jul 2007 08:40 PM CDT

In possibly a world record-breaking 4244 words-per-minute, six-time world speed reading champion Anne Jones has read the final installment of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows in just 47 minutes and 1 second on the day when the new 759-page book was launched in UK.

Whoops! Nevada governor accidentally posts Outlook password

Posted: 22 Jul 2007 10:11 AM CDT

If you ever wanted to be Nevada’s governor for a day, it doesn’t seem to be that hard. In what could be a whopping security hole, Nevada has posted the password to the gubernatorial e-mail account on its official state Web site.

Its a Google world! Search Giant Invests in Cellular Tech

Posted: 21 Jul 2007 11:18 PM CDT

Femtocells, an emerging technology for improving cellular coverage in homes and enterprises, have attracted the interest of none other than Google Inc.

How to … Fix a Computer — Funny Article!

Posted: 21 Jul 2007 11:59 PM CDT

When your computer fails, it’s like being returned instantly to the 70s. Post Offices, record players and board games become important again.

Work Together: 60+ Collaborative Tools for Groups

Posted: 22 Jul 2007 08:02 AM CDT

With businesses and families spread out more and more, we’ve dug up 60+ sites that will help everyone be on the same page.

Bush Outlaws All War Protest In United States

Posted: 22 Jul 2007 03:21 PM CDT

In one of his most chilling moves to date against his own citizens, the American War Leader has issued a sweeping order this week outlawing all forms of protest against the Iraq war. According to legal experts, the greatest concern to the American people are the underlying provisions of this new law, and which, they state, are written ‘so broadly

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