Week In Review 8/22/08-8/29/08

Here is what has been published this week.


1991-1997 Sailor Marching Band – Summoning Alumni

I Hate Traditional Marches

Is There a Strong Future For Community Bands?

Mac Users are More Smug Then Smart

King of the Circus

Drafts I Don’t Need No Stinking Drafts

I Made It To Level 22 in WoW

My Parents and the Sex Talk

I’ve Been Sucked Into Myspace More – Curse You Myspace

New Lifestreaming Plugin I’m Using.


My First Kiss (Kind of)

Old School Gamer

Daily Activity Summaries:

Online Activity for 2008-08-22

Online Activity for 2008-08-23

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Online Activity for 2008-08-28

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