The New Life Notes Section



Located here the new Life Notes section is going to be kind of a reverse personal diary. It’s more accurate to describe it as my psuedo autobiography. If I ever become famous I’ll be able to use these as footnotes if I write a real one. The rules are as follows for posts that fall under this section.

1. There will be at least a year gap between the event and the actual post that gets switched to this category. This allows me to gain a more objective idea of the event instead of getting pulled into the emotion of the moment.

2. Some items maybe actual posts or text from that time period – if that’s the case I will do modern observations in italics.

3. I will do my best to get it accurate to the day – if not I will do a monthly or seasonal or yearly summary depending on the year and event. This allows me to keep it as accurate of a journal as I can with some posts going to be decades in the past.

4. Since I’m doing the summaries as dated in part 3 that means it will seem that my blog existed pre-internet time. I just want the timeline to be accurate. The downside of this is it means that the RSS readers will more then likely not get these feed items.

Hopefully since I can control and export this data from wordpress I can pass this down in my family. I will do my best to record family member perspectives, and would love it if the participants of any actual event would comment. Since I have constant backups and spread my data far and wide across the internet hopefully this data will never be lost.

I will be recording the good and the bad, the inane and poignant. I hope to express my soul and gives those who know me a greater understanding. Allowing my thoughts and feelings to intersect in ways that gives my readers a glimpse of the real me.

Even if the readers could care less I’m doing this as a control of my memories while I’m still somewhat young and the memories are somewhat fresh. This is who I am. I hope I’m at least interesting to myself a few decades from now.

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