Very Sneaky Way to Lessen Bandwidth Twitter

I got a message from @ev that he was playing with a new service that gave recommendations on who to follow on Twitter.   The service he was playing with is which for me suggested a bunch of people, I added kevinrose and leolaporte.

Now the first thing I noticed after adding them that device updates (for me that’s IM) was turned off.   I had to manually turn it on so that I receive their updates via IM like I do everyone else I follow.   Now the default in the past was to always automatically get device updates when you started following someone (it was this way up until a few days ago).    Now I understand the problems they have been having with IM and I assume they also have them with SMS (I don’t use it).   As far as I have seen though there hasn’t been an official announcement and this is a bit sneaky behavior.

I applaud them for making the change and do think it’s beneficial for them, but you would think they would have made some kind of announcement.

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