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I voted today – I wrote in Ron Paul.   I didn’t vote for any democrats or republicans (I’m a registered republican) out side of Ron Paul.  Every other vote was for someone outside those two parties.   I don’t trust the Diebold machines they are using (I also think they are the ones banned in the Cleveland area).   There was hardly any privacy and someone with good eyes would have been able to see the printed verification page.  The voting took place in a church which despite the message of embracing hte community, I still feel violates the the seperation of church and state.

I wasn’t going to vote, and I probably will never vote again unless, someone inspires confidence in me like Ron Paul did.  Do I think that a write-in canidate has a snowball’s chance in winning?  No I don’t.  So essentially I just random picked people that weren’t in the primary parties for everything else, and more or less voted willy nilly on things – does this make it so I have a write to complain?  Too many people say you can’t complain if you don’t vote.  I call bullshit on that.   If it’s apathy and laziness, maybe your right.  If you make a concious and informed decision to be pigeonholed into a yes or no answer, into choosing the lesser of two evils, you may be right.

I have no faith in voting for president, I don’t trust the electoral college, I’m also voting in Ohio – so enough said on that side.  The whole process needs to be redone and sorted out.

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