Free Software on Craig’s List – Should You Trust It?

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The other day I was browsing Craig’s List and noticed a listing for some free software.   It wasn’t anything I was interested in, but I did stop an think about it.   We talk about all the time about verifying where you download software from.   We hear all the time about pirated software that looks the same as legitimate software.     So why would you take free software from Craig’s List?

I guess this is just more an observation.  I’m just pointing out common sense that people should be thinking.  I’m just trying to point out that there is no such thing as a more trustable anonymous source.   It would be easy to compromise a computer by offering free software on Craig’s List and manipulating it before handing it out.

I’m not saying not to take – just think twice.

8 thoughts on “Free Software on Craig’s List – Should You Trust It?”

  1. I think it’s pretty hard to trust any software coming off the Internet these days, especially free and off of Craigslist. Although, of course if it’s off a respected software directory like or tucows or something I’d personally be a little more trusting. Guess you just always gotta watch out!

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