LeVar Burton, The Internet’s Latest Superstar

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Outside of Star Trek LeVar Burton has not done much acting in the last 10 years.   One thing that he did keep going until the last couple years was Reading Rainbow, a show myself and my siblings all grew up with.   I’m kind of disappointed hearing that it is gone, on the cusp of my child being born any day now, he won’t be able ot the experience I had growing up with the show.  Between Star Trek: The Next Generation and reading rainbow is where I (like most geeks) have had my exposure to LeVar Burton.  He is the guy you recognize and want to see things from, but has kind of disappeared from the spotlight.   Well he is back, he has embraced the internet revolution (is it really a revolution still??) and in the last few months has shown up everywhere.

Since I’m not sure where it started, I’ll give my details as I noticed his latest new fame.  It all started when he popped up on an episode of Diggnation:

When I saw this clip show up on Digg I just had to track it down later when I was at home and watch it.   I would say it gave me chills, but that is the wrong word for it.   It was exciting, refreshing and took me back to being an eight year old kid watching Reading Rainbow in the first few seasons.  Then he popped up on Twitter and I immediately followed him.   He is currently (among other things) covering his struggle to stay a non-smoker, something that I’m going to have to fight myself very soon when my child is born.

Most recently as I was catching up on my back episodes of This Week in Tech, behold LeVar shows up there.  Wil Wheaton has managed to talk his friends over ot the medium he has done so well at in the recent years.  LeVar has shown that this level of internet stardom is not unique to a single Star Trek star.   Here is wishing you luck LeVar and I’ll keep reading your blog.   I’m hoping Brent Spiner manages to leverage this as well as you.

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