Angelo’s Pizza

January 19, 2010

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Angelo’s Pizza was the place we went for pizza when I was kid when we wanted mushrooms. Seriously back then, the thing was covered with a whole layer of mushrooms when you added those to your pizza. Since we were a mushroom family this was always a treat. I don’t order the pizza there anymore though.
In the mid-nineties when I worked for PC Elite the other employees there always ordered calzones. I, being someone reluctant to try new things, had trepidation at ordering something other than pizza from Angelo’s. I’m glad I overcame that. I have introduced a few people to Angelo’s calzones. So I would say this is the go to thing to order from them.
I was also very surprised at the new mini arcade they added. When I was young I always played the original Mario Bros. arcade game there. If they would have had that now I think I would have entered into full geekgasm mode. Now if they could only darken the place a bit it will be almost perfect – just like it was when I was growing up.

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