Aural Memories

We all have things that trigger senses.   They may be places or people who trigger touch memories, scent memories, or in the case of today sound memories.   I was out mowing the lawn today and I normally I listen to podcasts while doing this.  My lawn isn’t a fifteen minute task, it normally takes my 3-4 hours to do the lawn.   Today I couldn’t find my headphones.   I couldn’t even find my back up headphones.  I was forced to listen to just the drone of the lawnmower the whole time.   I understand these are stupid first world problems that don’t matter in the grand scheme of life.  I can also say it was annoying.

What I did notice is that when I reached certain areas of the yard certain podcasts just started playing in my head.   In this part of the yard it was a Smodcast from 3 weeks ago.  In another section of the yard it was an episode of Twit from last year.   I cycled through about 15 podcasts depending on where I was in the yard.   While I was annoyed by the fact I couldn’t listen to something new – it also reinforced the learning I get by background listening to these shows.   It was amusing at some of the inane conversations that came to mind.   It wasn’t headline stories, but more side conversations.

So now I know when I am mowing the lawn I need to pull up some educational programs to listen to.   I’m sure listening about constitutional law would server me better than remembering Kevin Smith talking about selling Smodcast as an animated show and explaining to executives that Aquaman would not be a returning character.


Yes this post is inane and meaningless – but it’s just what was on my mind at this moment.

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