The Tide Raises All Ships

I wanted to get back to writing more, and I used the mashup site I’ve been working on as a visual reminder of much I am not creating these days.   This has gotten me to put more down on the screen in the last week.   What I have noticed is that one other person is writing more, and someone else was inspired to put up a new post (btw for the moment I like my new theme very much).   So what does this mean in the grand scheme?

People tend to forget sometimes that blogging along with other online activity is a social activity.   If you become lazy there is a good chance the next person becomes lazy.   So in the end few people are writing.   Ideas are only shared among those that press on with getting their voices across.  These people normally aren’t your friends.   More specifically they aren’t my friends.   My friends (and myself if I let myself get in the groove) would prefer to be entertained.  They would prefer to not try to create something, but to be a passive observer.   This was also something we were taught while we were growing up.

During the eighties and nineties we were passive observers of TV and books.   We could share commentary with our friends, but few were going to be on TV or write a book.   Even if they did manage to write a book chances were further against them to get it actually published.   We now live in a different day and age.   Everyone can now create something and share it online.    We may have a very small audience – but someone is always paying attention.   The biggest problem these days is to get people to notice.   If we can get back the constant need for feedback (an unfortunate human condition) – we can create something wonderful.

So now we aren’t passive observers.  We are stuck in front of computers all day long.  We have to lead by example.   We can sit and watch a mind numbing amount of Netflix (I’m guilty).   We can also go out and create something.   Once your friends see what you are doing they will consume to some extent.   Some of them however, will be reminded that they have their own site.  That they want a little piece of the world to call their own that they can cultivate.   Of course I can be reading this blip all wrong and things will go back to months between posts (guilty again).   I am going to try to concentrate to get a few posts out a week.

The rising tide raises all ships, but then again as all my friends love quoting these days – winter is coming…..




2 thoughts on “The Tide Raises All Ships”

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out why I go nearly a month between posts to my blog, on average. It’s not just a matter of “not having time.” Let’s be honest – if I have time to play WoW or L4D2, or read a book, or watch a TV show, then I have time to write a blog post. And it’s not that I don’t have opinions or ideas to share – I have tons of ideas floating in my head at all times. So why? I think it’s because my attention is too fragmented, and I have TOO MANY options for expressing myself. I use Twitter, Google+, and Facebook regularly. I also have  Tumblr that I post on occasionally and I make comments on other people’s blogs, FB/G+ posts, and so on. So I guess I’m parsing out my potential content elsewhere? Maybe I should try saving it up for my blog.

  2. I think that twitter has given us the ability to post bite sized – it has allowed us to think smaller.  I’ll go days without even posting to twitter – then I will have a flood of posts in a day.   For myself this means I’m not writing – and the downside of that – I’m not becoming a better writer.   

    I waste my time on Facebook – but I think of my blog as my own little garden  – one that has been neglected.     So to get back into blogging regularly – it’s going to be actual work for awhile. 

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