Monthly Archives: March 2012

Generational Music Differences

I have to say as Lex grows up the music issue will probably get to me. Him thinking that my favorite bands are terrible. Of course I will think all his music is derivative or noise. It’s the generational chasm that all of us eventually cross however. This is going to be the worst when […]

Music Metadata Meltdown

A little over a year ago I was almost done with getting my mp3 metadata into shape.  I had a few stragglers but the majority was complete and I would get to it eventually.   Over the last year my collection has grown a lot.  That small part that was probably under 10% of the […]

Cedar Point Memories – Part 8 – The Blue Streak

The Blue Streak taken by Andrew Borgen The Blue Streak was built in 1964.  I wouldn’t rate it as being one of my favorite roller coasters.   It is however a classic.   The Blue Streak (followed by the Mean Streak) taught me that I’m not the largest fan of wooden roller coasters.   The ride […]

Cedar Point Memories – Part 7 – Railroads and Mills

Rail Road Station taken by Andrew Borgen I originally said I was going to write about the Sky Wheel, but I had it confused with the other Cedar Point ferris wheel.   I don’t remember the Sky Wheel at all.   Moving on. In 1963 the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad was opened.  The […]

Cedar Point Memories – Part 6 – Terror In the Sky

The Sky Ride taken by Andrew Borgen In theory, unless you are afraid of heights, there is no terror in the sky.   It is however a catchy title.   In the last post I said I would cover the Sky Ride and Star Voyager.   This is the post you have anxiously been waiting […]

Roku and Me, Initial Reactions

Earlier this week we ordered a Roku device from Amazon. We purchased the complete bells and whistles XS model. The main reason for this was I wanted a wired connection for the device instead of a wireless one. I knew a couple of people that owned the devices and loved them. I thought I would […]

Lemurs and Stroller Theft

For the second half of the Lex birthday weekend we took him to the Cleveland Zoo on Monday.   We arrived around 1:30 since we knew it was going to be a short day.   Lex wanted to ride in the stroller for a change and we stuffed his winter jacket in the bottom pocket. […]