Cedar Point Memories – Part 14 – Home Movies From the 1980’s

 This map of Cedar Point in 1980 is from Theme Park Brochures

Looking at the above brochure, I really need to see if I can collect all the maps into a single post. I wanted to take a break and just let you see some home movies I found of Cedar Point in the 1980’s.  Unfortunately though, I’m missing any from 1981 – 1983 and 1988 – 1989.   It seems that is so long ago there were no video cameras.   The other years were taken by time travelers.

None of these videos were taken by me.  They were found randomly on YouTube.   I see enough of these videos while hunting for ride videos that I thought it time to start sharing some of these.

In the next post we will be back to our regularly scheduled memories.

Cedar Point from 1980:

Cedar Point from 1984:

Cedar Point from 1985:

Cedar Point from 1986:

Cedar Point from 1987:

I’ll end with letting you enjoy the early eighties Cedar Point theme:

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