Cedar Point Memories – Part 19 – Home Movies From the 1970’s

Image of the 1977 Cedar Point map from the PointBuzz Forum

I haven’t done a Cedar Point memories post in a few weeks.   I had the idea of trying to get home movie videos up through different decades.   I went on the YouTube hunt today to get you all the seventies home movies I could find.

Most of the videos are silent and shot on Super 8.   Do not expect the best quality.  You couldn’t just shoot high-definition video on your phone back then.   I am grateful for what still exists.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


This video is from 1970:

Some of the shots are the same as the first video, but this one is longer. I think it might be the same source.

This next video is from 1972:

A 1973 video of Cedar Point:

Here is another one from 1973:

This one is from 1975:

Here is the first one I could find from 1976 – Midway through the 1976 I was actually born, so we are finally getting to videos that were shot when I existed somewhere in the world.

Here is another one from 1976:

We make it to 1978:

This last video is not a home movie, but part of a documentary called Coastermania that includes footage shot within the park during the 1979 season

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