Cedar Point Memories – Part 5 – Tiki Scrambled

That my friends is a picture of the Tiki Twirl. Do you know how hard it is to find a picture of the Tiki Twirl? I hunted and hunted for a picture of this ride hoping that it would jog a memory. I finally found an image in this forum here.

Even though it was in the park the years I went, I don’t remember this ride at all. Supposedly it was located where the Matterhorn would later be. At the very least it will make it easier for someone to find a picture that validates that this ride existed.

The Scrambler was a ride I may have enjoyed when I was really little. These days I can’t take it anymore. I can’t really take any spinning rides. It doesn’t help that this ride spins in two directions at once.

I take after my father in the spinning rides department. My mother would take me on all the spinning rides. My father would handle the roller coaster duties. He couldn’t do spinning rides either. My mother, not a big heights fan couldn’t handle coasters. I received the best of all worlds since I always had someone to take me on a ride.

The biggest issue i had with the Scrambler in my later years wasn’t really the ride itself. It’s that it looks like a standard ride you would see at a fair or carnival. For some reason in the back of my mind I always thought Cedar Point was better than this ride. I also grew up in the Cedar Point era of mass expansion and bigger is always better. Some people however love this ride.

The nineties would have been the last time I rode it. Whenever someone else wanted to ride it, we always would. I believe I have taken my sisters on this ride with me. Never did I suggest riding it. I also do not believe I ever rode it with another male. Plenty of females, but never a male that I can recall.

I did find a video of the Scrambler ride experience (good luck Tiki Twirl hunters).

Watching the video I can say that it seems to run a bit slower than I remember. I don’t know if that is because it’s been so long since I paid attention to it, or if it has just slowed down with age (like all of us). I can almost get that pit in the stomach feeling from watching the video. For all the rides going forward I am going to do my best to include a video of the ride. I should at least always be able to track down a picture. I did find the god damned Tiki Twirl.

In the next part I will cover the Sky Ride and Star Voyager.

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  1. OK update: I did find this information in Wikipedia in the Cedar Point article, in the “defunct rides” section:

    Fun House (1981) — A creepy 3-story walk-through house. Of particular popularity was the upside-down room (which featured someone in a rocking chair on the ceiling) and the labyrinth room where the floor was at an angle. At the end of the tour was a stairway back to ground level, but kids had the option of exiting via one of three enclosed spiral slides. Replaced with the Kid Arthur’s Court play area, which would also eventually be removed. Portions of this attraction are used in the Holloweekends attraction “The House on Boo Hill”. 

  2. I really want to say I remember the fun house.  It’s only because a few things sound familiar.   Since I was 5 it’s final year I think I remember more possible memories than actual.  I swear I remember the slides though. 

    I’m not going to do a piece on it since I can not remember a single real detail concretely.   Just like the Tiki Twirl – I’m sure I experienced it, just doesn’t strike me though. 

  3. Yes the Tiki Twirl ride did exist at Cedar Point!  It was a ride almost identical to the Calypso ride they still have.  The only difference was the theaming of the ride and the Tiki Twirl cars had the roofs on them.  It was one of several new rides they added in 1970 for their 100th anniversary.  It was removed in 1984. 

  4. Correction!  I did some more research and found another source that said the Tiki Twirl was new in 1960 and was removed in 1984.  Not sure wiich is correct as there is very little info on this ride out there.  My first visit to Cedar Point was way back in 1964 but as a kid I don’t remember specifics on this one.  I know i did ride it many times over the years though.  It’s funny how there is a lot of info online about some rides and almost nothing on others.

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