Cedar Point Memories – Part 6 – Terror In the Sky

The Sky Ride taken by Andrew Borgen

In theory, unless you are afraid of heights, there is no terror in the sky.   It is however a catchy title.   In the last post I said I would cover the Sky Ride and Star Voyager.   This is the post you have anxiously been waiting for at the edge of your seat.   I know – not really – but pretend to show some excitement people.  Just wait until I get to the Cedar Pointer……

In 1961 both of these rides opened. While at least half of the Sky Ride still exists, Star Voyager is a lost memory.  I did my best to find a picture of Star Voyager, but I came up short.   If you can hunt one down, please let me know.

We are going to go by memory of Star Voyager (if I’m wrong someone please let me know).  Star Voyager from where I remember was located next to the Blue Streak.  It was a ride similar to the Dumbo Ride at Walt Disney World.   You could control your “rocket”  by going up or down on the arm as it spun in a circle.  The controller also had a trigger where you could shoot your laser (just a light that lit up on the nose of the rocket) at the “rocket” in front of you.   As a young kid I thought this was awesome.   I remember it being one of the first spinning “adult” rides that I rode by myself.

Unfortunately I can’t find a record of when Star Voyager was removed, but it was definitely before 1989.   Does anyone know what year it was taken out?  I would love to get a time frame other than sometime after 1980 and before 1989.

The Sky Ride on the other hand is at least still kicking.   It goes over the main midway giving you a great view of a significant part of the park.  Depending on the year the flower gardens would be designed so you could see images in the air from the Sky Ride.   I don’t know if this is a time constraint where it is something they didn’t get to on a particular year or if it is about saving money.

Have a video view of the Sky Ride:

There used to be another half of the Sky Ride it was called the Frontier Lift.  You would board the second near to the site where the Iron Dragon is.   This half would exit at the Bathroom building next to the Mine Ride in Frontierland.  I do not remember this at all, even though I would have been at the park at the years it was opened. It closed in 1985 when I was 9.   My wife remembers the Frontier Lift, she is also three years younger than me.    This is one of those moments my memory annoys me.

The Converted Frontier Lift building taken by Andrew Borgen

I would have said that they closed it due to the construction of the Iron Dragon, but that wasn’t built until 1987.  Unless they were planning that far in advance it was probably removed due to damage or lack of interest by the patrons.

In the next post I will cover the Sky Wheel.   I don’t expect that to be a long post.

6 thoughts on “Cedar Point Memories – Part 6 – Terror In the Sky”

  1. The
    “Star Voyager” ride was originally called “Super Satellite Jets” and it was one
    of the parks most popular for its first few years.  It was a new ride for the 1961 season.  Funny story on it is they received it from
    the manufacturer with no assembly instructions and it took them awhile to
    assemble it because it was like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  The ride was originally located on the center
    of the main midway just before you got to the Coliseum.  Around 1966 it was moved to a location on the
    right side of the main midway near the main entrance.  Another reference is it would have been on
    the main midway to the right of where the merry go round is now as you enter
    the park’s main entrance.  It was moved
    to a location between the Blue Streak coaster and the Turnpike Cars around 1970.  Over the years it was called the “Super
    Satellite Jets”; “Super Jets” and “Star Voyager”.  The rides final season was in 1986 and then it
    was removed.  The Calypso was relocated
    to that spot in 1994 and I believe is still there.  I’ve hopefully attached an aerial photo from 1964
    and you can see the ride in the center of the main midway about half way up
    just past the round fountain.

  2. A couple more pictures of the “Super Satellite Jets” on the main midway back in the early 1960’s

  3. So they removed in preparation for the Iron Dragon and then started construction post 1986 pre 1987 season?

    Sort of like Disaster Transport last year?

  4. Star voyager was great.i was 8 and still remember it ! Saying don’t up so high lol to my sister

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