Do As I Say, Not As I Do

October 22, 2015

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For about two years we have had my son keep a daily journal.   He has done it about 75% of the time.   There were a couple reasons behind this enforcement.  The first is that he needed to learn to write and get those basic skills down.   Occasionally he will still write some letters backwards, some items will be spelled incorrectly, and he struggles with coming up with ideas every single day.   We are trying to get him to follow the mantra, it doesn’t matter what you write – just write.   This leads into the second reason he is doing this.   With this regular practice he will be able to write reports/papers quickly without really thinking about it.  By the time those come around he should be able to write an extension of thinking.   That is the hope anyways.

We are saving all of these writings in hopes that someday he will find them interesting.   It is a personal diary that is also an educational tool.   It is something that he can look back and say “I did that”.   It is something in which he can call his father a hypocrite.   He wouldn’t be wrong either.

In theory I do write almost every day.  I will do emails, reports, multi paragraph long Facebook responses.  What I don’t do is free write.  I don’t come up with a topic and just go with it.   I used to.  I used to write blog posts on daily basis.   Now life is shortened into witty Facebook posts.   Resharing and maybe even commenting on a shared post is big work these days.   The worst part about it is that it is sucked into the painful blackhole of Facebook.   I say that because it’s so hard to get information out of Facebook.

So the time has come to fall on my face again and at least try to write a few things a day.  Will I succeed? I don’t think so, but any writing is better than no writing.   The immediate goal is get at least one thing done a month.   Anything beyond that is gravy.   I won’t apologize or make excuses, life is what it is.   This post at least counts for this month……




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