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Online Activity for 2008-10-31

My complete and daily online activity for you to go all voyeuristic on. Yesterday 6:52am Happy Halloween 8:11am Creeva posted an item on Diigo. Happy Halloween | Creeva’s World 2.0 8:11am Creeva updated their status on Facebook. Brent New Blog Entry – Happy Halloween http://ping.fm/eJd1O. 8:11am Creeva posted an item on Koornk. New Blog Entry […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-08-15

Do You Know How Your Significant Other Will Vote?: ….. Read More Tags: flickr, Lawn, photos, Picture, Ra.. http://tinyurl.com/5kxb8a # @gaarbacca you should ship me a crafty wook gift bag ;) # @ghoulishcharm well your tubes could get clogged if you got all of your packets # I think it should be criminal to force […]

Do You Know How Your Significant Other Will Vote?

Picture from here I can say that so far as I know, my wife agrees with me in this election on my reasons for non-voting.  However no matter how we discuss the elections there is no real way to know what the other person is truly thinking.   In the 2004 election we debated and discussed […]

Planting Trees

Original From Parent Phobia: Planting Trees You would think that on a blog named parent phobia, that when I start a blog post off with the title “Planting Trees” that I’m going to be speaking in the metaphorical sense. Well, your half right. Today I slept in late and did my normal computing activities. I […]

My Ex-Girlfriend Looks Ancient

Picture taken from here Last night I we had our community band practice moved to a church for the night.  Ironically it was the church of the girl I lived with before I was with my wife (over a decade ago).  I wish I could tell you that we broke up over a mutual disagreement […]

Internet Deadman’s Switch Part 1

One thing I’ve been working on for awhile is and Internet Deadman’s Switch.  With all of my crossposting and media re-usage activities in the grand scheme this should be fairly trivial.   I am sure however that some things will slip me up.   We’ll start in this section of identifying the goals I wish to acomplish […]

Mowing the Lawn – What a Waste

I know I’m on a lawn kick (if you didn’t get it from my last post) but I was thinking today at what a waste it truly is to mow the lawn.   It wastes fuel.  It destroys plants that may be beautiful and grow free.  It releases green house gases into the atomsphere.   As good […]