I Upgraded to WordPress 2.6

Picture from here Always being on the bleeding edge, I upgraded to WordPress 2.6 today.  I upgraded all the blogs hosted on my account to the latest and greatest wordpress installation.   Since according to article that announced the release, the […]

Strange Attachment

Picture taken from here Yesterday I couldn’t find my N810.  The hunt started on Sunday night and was reinitiated yesterday morning.   No N810, nowhere in sight.   As the night waned on yesterday I renew the hunt.  It was like I […]

N810 – Day 3 and Counting

So last night was a work in progress/real world scenario time.   I was going to be out with a few hours to kill, and I didn’t take my Mac Book with me.   During my hour commute to work I listened […]

Nokia N810 and Me – Day 2

Why is there a cat pictured in this article?  Did he damage the N810?  No, I just didn’t want to use the stock N810 image again.   Moving on.  Last night was more of a bust then a boom for me.    […]