I’m born

I was the areas first bicentennial baby. This made me special at the time, I made the local newspapers and I’m sure my parents were proud. The lasting thing that sticks with me is that I used up my fifteen minutes of fame at birth. I can’t say that this fame is enough since I’ve been attracted to writing as it allows me a method to live forever, but on July 4,1976 I don’t think I was really thinking that far ahead.

I was an unexpected pregnancy, which in turn had two young people to get married. Though I’m sure they wouldn’t have chosen a different life if they could go back, it seems that they would be much different people today if they hadn’t. I guess deep down I’m glad things played out the way they did, since I’m here and otherwise I wouldn’t be.

My godparents are my father’s brother and my mother’s best friend. I still talk to them occasionally though it seems very occasionally.

This day was a start of the larger world

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