Started the Marcondrinkers Yahoo Group

This is part of my life notes series.

The marcondrinkers group grew out of a group of us that were close friends around this time.  We all attended an annual sci-fi convention called Marcon.  Originally it was a convention done in March so hence Marcon – since then it has changed it’s named to Multiple Alternate Realities Convention.   Nice save there.

The whole year before Marcondrinkers there was a yahoo group called Marcon Memories, the reason it went away is that one of my friends had a power struggle over different users.    Now I’m known to have my fair share of issues with people but I do not believe in censorship, his banning users and deleting posts was pure censorship.   Ironically I really wasn’t one of the ones being censored.    I started a new board and it survived for a few years.

As of 2008 the group is pretty much dead I go through every once in a while and clean out the members who have bouncing e-mail addresses.    For it’s time it was a good run, now it is time to say goodbye.

My first post:

from what I understand is we have more capabilities than the other board but I don’t see any yet….oh well…if anyone actually shows up welcome one and all.

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