Second Life

March 21, 2006

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This is an old post I found from 03/21/06 – adding it into the correct spot on the blog

I tried second life tonight. And as someone who in SWG enjoyed playing a master entertainer and a merchant (with master rifleman thrown in) it was an amazing experience. The character creation is on par with SWG if not more. It is a game that runs economy of a larger scale then SWG. The only thing it is missing is the mission/attack part of the game. Since I joined DnD online I may have the right mixture to do both now and happily have a medium that I can pretend is SWG the way it was – if only fleeting in my mind.

But moving on, I played slot machine – though I’m not sure I completely understood how they were working. I listened to live music for an hour or so. As an ex-entertainer I though the live music was the most fascinating thing that I saw…er heard. I wonder what I’ll discover next. Very Very interesting and for anyone that enjoyed the social aspect of SWG to try it out.

I can tell you Second Life didn’t pan out for me.

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