Creative Officer Leaves Sony Online

March 24, 2006

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Raph Koster, Chief Creative Officer of Sony Online, has left the company. More importantly, Sony might lose the rights to the Star Wars license.

Raph we’ll miss you very much. You introduced the Entertainer profession into SWG and with that made a completely new gaming experience. Also the ability to multi-class with a combat profession made me love SWG for it;s time.

I know after you left heading the SWG project things slipped further and further downhill. We do not blame you.

You helped invent a MMO genre that covered everything I could ever want in a video game. I hope you do something more worthy in your next project

psssst. If it’s true about Bio Ware taking over SWG…I think they might have a job for you that your fans would love you to take.


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