My 30th Birthday

July 4, 2006

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This is part of my life notes series.

Looking back at my 30th birthday almost 18 months after the fact gives me a bit of perspective.   I’m not over the hill.   It’s not the end of the world.

I had a party where the family came over and had food and the whole nine yards.   By the end of the night I was hammered though.  I rarely drink, but this is one of those occasions.   I expect my wife to go through a similar thing when she turns 30.  Halfway through the night I hardly remembered my name let alone anything else.

I do remember I wandered out the back patio doors and let loose the contents of my stomach on the ground.   After sitting out there for a while I managed to wander back in and then head up to bed.  My wife and our friend Brian both watched me – stone sober mind you – and just kind of shook their heads.

I can leave you with this thought – I wouldn’t want to turn 30 again.

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