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October 31, 2006

by — Posted in Technology

Ok I took all my blogs – with the exception of SNN, and migrated them all into this page. Hopefully this will give a more concise reading experience to my friends, family, and suffering folks that read my writings.

I’m slowly adding all the old poetry and information from my past that I want archived online.

A few things I’ve noticed though – I built this page on the new blogger beta – and alot of services I was using in the past to post directly to my blog are not working. Hopefully the support will be there soon – the best I’ve seen was flickr who used the new authentication API to post directly to the blog.

For those folks that haven’t seen this new API and don’t want to use blogger beta – download flock – flock is a great browser for the new web – it’s built on top of firefox and integrates with gmail, flickr,, blogger, and many other services. I know if you configure your browser for flickr access it uses the new authentication API. Check it out – it’s cool, it’s interesting, it will kill an hour of your time at least.

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