Writing: Saltines Commercial

October 31, 2006

by — Posted in Personal Writing

Actors – 3-4 guys sitting around – 1 voice over prob. female

[shot 1 – show “players” sitting around a living room looking bored – a pile of board games in the middle of the room]
Voiceover: Are you guys sick of playing the same old board games
[guys nod]

Voice over – would you like to play a game that would increase eye to hand coordination, increase stamina, and guarantee an end to those friday nights of sexual frustration?

[guys nod harder]

Voiceover: Well try this new game from Mettel – SALTINES!!!

[You see the game handed to the players from off camera]

Voiceover: This game is good for up to 15 minutes of fun a round

[camera pans back to finish while players start taking game pieces out of ht ebox ( 1 plastic vinyl game board, two packages of saltines and a small tupperware container)


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