A new dawn

November 1, 2006

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So this month is national novel-writing month. One site chronicles and maintains your progress in getting through this goal that most people never manage to get done. I was going to take part last year but was too slow to sign up. So like everyone else on the planet I said I would write one next year. Well next year is here and today is the day that everyone participating is getting geared up and their pens (word processors) are starting to kick into overdrive. The goal of this is to inspire more people to write (something I need). It is not about quality – you can polish later. It’s about getting it done and not putting it off again until next year.

There are no winners in the traditional sense. The novels are not being judged – nor are they actually being read beyond a simple word counter program and the honor system. The way to win the competition is to finish a novel – nothing more or less. If you tried to cheat the only person you would truly be cheating is yourself and missing out on this once in a lifetime (year) experience. I hope at least one person reading this post finds it interesting .

So far I’m 514 words into my 50k word novel – but the month just started and it’s only a few hours into the first day. I’ll post my progress as much as I remember to. I give everyone out there a kudos and a good luck cheer that they too finish their novel.

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