Converting an 80 year old home into a modern media center – Part 2

Went through and ran more cabling in the last week. I have the rewiring ran for 1 phone jack and a new central access point in the house. Wiring is also done for 2 other jacks – (50 feet goes by fast). There are 7 more drops to wire.

On the Coax side of the coin there are now 4 coax drops plus the central feed run into the basement. 2 of these are hooked up and operation. There aer 8 runs of this left to go.

As far as RJ-45 network drops these have kept me the busiest. So far there are 9 lines run throughout the house. With 8 left to go. After all the wiring done then the wall panels are slowly going to be switched out and a patch panel is to be installed.

I’m looking into either a 48 or 96 port patch panel to get everything organized in the new central wiring closet.