Time to start writing again

Below I wrote the first part of the Creeva Murkado diaries – outlining the early days of the being that became Creeva Murkado and a part of myself thrown in. The early days of SWG seem fresh in my mind, I would have down some of the early plot differently but due to some writing I did before I kind of painted myself into a corner. I should be free of that plot line soon and get to explore my writing talent more freely and hopefully give those from Intrepid a found memory back at once was and why we were all great. At the very least I get to write. This was always important for me, and some people are still pushing me to write (you know who you are). Hopefully writing something that I find somewhat interesting will get me back to that spot where I too can write the great american novel. I’m going to try to write a new part of the Creeva Murkado diaries every week. Will it work out? I’m not sure. I do know I’m going to try to start putting some more of obscure thoughts on this page, maybe in hopes that someday someone will read them. Maybe just for myself and I can look at them in the future and see where I’ve come from. It doesn’t really matter. Like that person told me it just matters that I write and enjoy it.

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