Writing: Broken and Klunker Cars Commercial 1 – originally written – 1996-1997

Broken and Klunker Cars Commercial 1 – originally written – 1996-1997

Cameraman – dressed in street clothes
Salesman (Rob. U Blynd) – dressing in flannel, blue jeans, cape, and burger king crown

[panning over car – circles car – zooms in on price which is soaped on the window]

Salesman (voice over) – Come on down to Broken and Klunker cars. We can scre…. put in a beautiful vehicle like this 1986 For Escort for on $3500.02

[salesman standing next to car]
Salesman: I know what your thinking
Salesman: What is wrong with this car for us to offer it at such a low price? Well it’s not every day you see a donkey ride up the escalator backwards.
[close up of hte back quarter panel of the escort – which has a hole through it]
Salesman: Look quick luxury quality trunk access

[salesman reaches arm throug wheel well comes up in the trunk]
[rear end of car]
salesman: Easy to remove quality tape to change tail light bulbs
[close up of a rust spot]
Salesman: You cna’t find quality age markings like this on just any car – just a broken and klunker car.
[salesman on passenger side of car]
salesman – all these features for no additional cost
[salesman at front of the car]
Salesman – If you don’t make it down here, I’m thinking about buying it myself.
salesman: so hopefully we will see you soon down here at broken and klunker cars. Just come on down and ask for me by name
[zoom in on business card that saleman pulls out]
Broken and Klunker Cars
Rob U. Blynd

[show salesman sitting on hood of car]
Saleman: And if you can’t remember my name – ask for the king. Because sometimes when you see yellow rain on a June morning you should move out of the way.
[zoom in during dialogue]
Salesman: Besides it’s good to be the king – buh bye.
[salesmen sticks out tongue]
[fades dark]
[legal text comes up on screen]
[camera back]
Cameraman ( voiceover): You think they bought it?
Salesman: of course they did….Acting
Cameraman: Genius
Salesman: Thank you

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