The NES Adventure – 1942 – Completed

January 28, 2007

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In my quest to beat every game officially released for the NES system – I started with 1942 the first game on the list.

Today was the first time I ever played 1942. Early in the day I had to continue multiple times on the first level. Thank God this game has unlimited continues. This game is a top down vertical scroller game. While I can get some enjoyment from these games, generally I loath them over time and can’t play them for then a few rounds.

Seeing this was an arcade port I used an NES Advantage to play through it. I didn’t use slow motion, auto-fire, or any cheat codes. While I will use the continues and count those I will beat every NES game fairly.

Because you have to think to continue (if you hit start at Game Over it starts from the beginning and hence deletes your progress) I had to go through this multiple times, one time it was the dogs that caused this as they hit start for me in between rounds.

I managed to complete the game with five continues for all 32 levels (3 were in the last 10). The highest score was the first round with a score of 451500 according to Twin Galaxies this would qualify me for the third place spot for the high score of all time (recorded). After things are all said and done I may come back to this game for a world record attempt later on. We’ll see how that goes.


Graphics -4/10 – Graphics are not really high point – but then the poor graphics don’t get in the way. The one sore point I have on the graphics is that sometimes the background made the enemies and the weapons shot at me very hard to see. If I can say anything that is the biggest flaw I can see with this game.

Sound – 2/10 – Sound is really lacking – turn down the volume and listen to something else you would enjoy more

Controls 9/10 – like any games of this type control is important and this game aims to please

Story – 2/10 – the only story is you know this is a WWII pilot going through waves of fighters – since some games have less of a story then this – it get’s a 2

Ending – 1/10 – It says congratulations – that’s it no credits or anything – and it only says congratulations for about 2 seconds before going to the game over screen.

Fun – 7/10 – since I don’t really like this type of game normally and enjoyed myself I’m giving it higher than I normally would have.

Since I’m not sure the quality of my review here is the link to a Gamespot player review.

Next Game: 1943

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