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August 14, 2007

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News dugg by creeva

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Move Over “Transformers” Here Comes “Voltron”!

Posted: 12 Aug 2007 03:50 PM CDT

We’ve already seen “Transformers” rise to the top of the box office charts this year, now it’s time for Voltron to morph into the movie world.

Fox News Censors Straw Polls Results

Posted: 12 Aug 2007 02:35 PM CDT

Fox News blatantly cut certain candidates out of the results they reported for the Iowa Straw Poll that took place yesterday. They didn’t just stop listing candidates after a certain point. They listed positions one through three, skipped four and five, and then continued with positions six through eight. See for yourself.

Thor to get his own superhero movie

Posted: 12 Aug 2007 09:31 AM CDT

The hammer-tossing superhero is the latest star from the comic-book vault to get in line for big-screen treatment, with Marvel Studios lining up British auteur Matthew Vaughn to direct Thor, based on the Stan Lee-created character.

One of the worlds most puzzling mysteries: the moving rocks of Death Valley

Posted: 12 Aug 2007 05:48 PM CDT

These rocks, some as heavy as 700 pounds, are inexplicably transported across a virtually flat desert plain, leaving erratic trails in the hard mud behind them, some hundreds of yards long. They move by some mysterious force, and in the nine decades since we have known about them, no one has ever seen them move.

Five Myths and Mysteries About Black Web Surfing

Posted: 12 Aug 2007 09:44 AM CDT

Myths about using black background

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