Immediate Brain Dump.

August 15, 2007

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Writing to write.

That’s the point of this blog isn’t it. Getting me back in shape to write the great American novel? At least to the point that I can finish a novel during national novel-writing month this year.

But yet this blog has become more than that. It has become and extension of myself and my online presence. I’ve slowly aggregated everything I can find and use online to this central location. This site is pretty much the sum of my digital existence these days.

Sure there are some forums some places that I post to – most notably the Star Wars Galaxies forums. But even those start to wane. Lack of time, but not interest keeps me from it. I’ve been busy outside of work with the idea of my business and the work it would take to get that off of the ground.

I’ve done my best to get things done around the house, and I can say I’ve kept it much tidier then I have in the past – though that can be because I’ve stuck my face into the computer much more often than I should.

I’m not even sure I’m writing this other than it’s a train of thought kind of thing. The thing that drives you utterly mad if you don’t finish. The irresistible urge to write sometimes overcomes me and while sometimes I have topics I can fulfill – the ones that are slowly brooding in my head are not yet ripe enough to come to fruition to be plucked down the keyboard.

I can say I have managed to keep up this blog a lot better in the last few months. Most of this has come from me being able to aggregate all my data here – but I’ve already mentioned that and your bored already.

Well before I put asleep I am signing off. I’m watching Steve Martin’s Movie Shopgirl. Talk to you later.

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