Ron Paul wins big

August 19, 2007

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Just got this in from Digg and confirmed it on the Ron Paul web site

Ron Paul Also Wins Big in New Hampshire

Ron Paul won big earlier today in Alabama. He also won big in New Hampshire this afternoon.

Dr. Paul received 208 votes (73%) for a landslide victory against Mitt Romney today at the Strafford County, New Hampshire straw poll. Romney received 26 votes. Mike Huckabee came in third with 20 votes.

Tancredo (8 votes), McCain (7 votes), Cox (5 votes), Hunter (5 votes), Thompson (5 votes), Giuliani (3 votes) and Brownback (1 vote) finished the field.

As noted earlier, Ron Paul received 216 votes for a commanding first-place finish in a straw poll today sponsored by the West Alabama Republican Assembly. Mitt Romney came in second with 14 votes.

The poll was open to Alabama residents.

Looks like Ron Paul is finally starting to get the respect he deserves and has a chance – if he gets nominated my whole garage door is getting painted “Vote Ron Paul 2008”

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