Why Ron Paul is getting me to register to vote.

August 19, 2007

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I have long been against voting. This is because the federal government has long maintained the status quo and most politicians have been mostly the same. Issues that are dear to me are opposed by both parties so there was very little degree of differentiation between the two for anything I truly cared about.

The largest issue I have ever had with American politics is the issue of the electoral college. There is no reason in this day and age that we require the electoral college, an institute that does mandatorily required to represent the votes of its constituents. In the Ron Paul case this is still a fear with the way the major media companies are dismissing him that the electoral college would perform behind the scenes tactics to sway the vote.

Since the time of Reagan I have never felt this strongly about a politician and maybe his hope to change the world. I was pro-Bush in 2000 (which Ohio the state I was in voted for so my lack of a vote wouldn’t have changed anything). I was pro-Kerry in 2004 (which Oregon the state I was in voted for so my lack of a vote wouldn’t have changed anything). I still had a right to complain about the politics going on whether I voted or not – this is stated in my first amendment rights. Whether I voted or not the cookie would have crumbled the same way if I had.

Ron Paul on the other hand is speaking more directly to my heart, he is giving a message that makes me want to campaign and help him. Something I haven’t been behind doing ever. He is showing us what is right about America and how to take it back to America’s original vision (something that has always strayed me away from voting).

For a few years I suppose I thought I was anti-American for the public at large. I loved the original vision of the country and the country itself, but I hated our world-wide policies and the restrictions that laws in the last few years had placed against our freedoms. Ron Paul has shown me that some people still think the way I do and it is very pro-American to think that way.

Please go to the Ron Paul Website and search some of his speeches in youtube so you too can see what it is like to be truly pro-American.

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