Poor Man’s Myspace Friend Widget

August 20, 2007

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The downside before anyone gets excited about this is that it was manual labor involved – there is no magic bullet friend widget that I’ve found yet. That being said if you find one please shoot me a comment letting me know where it can be procured from.

Steps involved.

1. Go to your friend page(s) on your profile and highlight all of your friend’s pictures and hit ctrl-c
2. Open up MS Word – or text editor of choice and paste in (ctrl-v) the items you highlighted. All of your friend’s names and pictures should be there.
3. Format the items you have however you like – the html links to their profiles should be preserved.
4. Save the document
5. Upload the document to google documents.
6. Copy and paste the items from google documents into a text widget on your blog
7. Go back and edit the html in the text widget to point to your friend’s picture address instead of the google docs address it will put into your html (optional but helpful)

You now have a widget you can manually edit every time you get a new friend since you will have the formatting in your widget you won’t have to go through the other steps. The steps are much quicker than the formatting you can do in either google docs or on blogspot so I highly recommend using an offline text editor.

here is what should be in the widget or similar:

I haven’t gotten down to reformatting all the pictures to pull from MySpace yet so some still point to the google doc’s address

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