Palm T|X Issue fixed

August 24, 2007

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When I first go my RAZR 3 months ago from t-mobile I managed to track down online how to pair it to my palm TX. The ongoing issue I was having the past 6 weeks was that it would still connect but it stopped passing data. I knew it wasn’t my palm since my wife was having the same issue.

I kept meaning to get to this but it was a low priority for the most part – and the moments when it was a high priority I had no internet connection I could get on via another device to troubleshoot and fix it.

Theoretically the way I had done should have worked according to documentation online. However since this is kind of niche use the documentation may not be up to date and some people may have already known the work around.

Since fighting this issue and making it a PITA to track down and troubleshoot I wanted to post the answer so some other hapless sould doesn’t have to endure the pain of fixing it.

I managed to get the following information from this site:

Connection Name: tzones

Data bearer: Packet data

Access point name:

User name: N/A

Password: N/A

Authentication: Normal


Advanced Settings (Handsets not equiped with WAP 2.0 may skip this section)

Proxy serv address:

Proxy port number: 8080

So I enter the proxy server into my PDA’s browser and it now works. Like I said according to the next article for straight through non-wap traffic this shouldn’t be required – so more work possible getting the laptop to connect (haven’t tried that either but will tonight….maybe).

Another thing I’m going to track down since I can’t host my own server is seeing if I can set up my PDA to use another proxy other than t-mobiles (curse Verizon for not allowing servers – btw they balked at me because I wanted a business class DSL so I could host and I gave up after trying to explain it for 3 hours – the loss of being able to VPN home is not worth the pain of enduring idiot questions like “why would you have a business class connection at a residential address”.

On a side note to show how much I use my cell phone for calls these days now that I’m no longer a consultant, my cell phone had been missing for a week. I had checked online and there was no unusual activity so I hadn’t left it in public or had it stolen. So every now again over the last week I was tearing up cushions and putting them back – only to repeat the routine a day or two later. Crawling on the floor to search the nooks and crannies of couches and cars. Finally last night out the corner of my eye I saw it – it had stayed hidden for a week under a receipt on the coffee table.


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