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August 28, 2007

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Web Wandering Dump

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GovTrack.us: Tracking the U.S. Congress

Posted: 27 Aug 2007 10:34 PM CDT

[PsycHo] PsycHo: Free Template Generator

Posted: 27 Aug 2007 02:49 PM CDT

Cash’s son digs into father’s past – USATODAY.com

Posted: 27 Aug 2007 11:33 AM CDT

Apple Vibration: Free SkypeIn + SkypeOut Equivalent

Posted: 27 Aug 2007 07:49 AM CDT

Lubricated fence sign (via mistermajik2000)

Posted: 27 Aug 2007 06:22 AM CDT

Helpdesk Warning Sign (via matildaben)

Posted: 27 Aug 2007 06:20 AM CDT

via img179.imageshack.us

Posted: 27 Aug 2007 06:18 AM CDT

AT&T Cracks On Commercial iPhone Unlocking Groups [Digg]

Posted: 25 Aug 2007 09:34 PM CDT

It was bound to happen: AT&T is going after the commercial snakes groups trying to profit from the iPhone unlocking. Apparently they can hunt these mercenaries down. You can still 100% unlock with the TurboSIM method but, once again, there is only one way to really blow up the Death Star: Support the iPhone Dev Team to get the FREE software unlock.

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