FBI Gets Conviction in Computer Hacking??? Case

August 30, 2007

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“The evidence produced at trial showed that he deleted patient data of clients of the North County Health Services Clinic. The data was stored at the place he was working at the time, the Council of Community Health Clinics (”CCC”), which is located in San Diego, California. His actions resulted in financial losses to his employer, the North County Health Services Clinic, and other clinics as well. He also caused the patients to suffer loss of care.”
From reading the full article the term hacking should not be used in the context used. Since he worked there as an IT person it seemed it gained unauthorized access to certain databases which would be more of a computer tampering charge. Possible a charge because accessing personal client data could be added in.

Since he worked there as an IT person – computer trespass or any hacking charge could be blowing this out of proportion. I’m not defending the guy or saying that he did nothing wrong – just a very poor use of the term “hacking”.

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