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September 13, 2007

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Continuing slowly through my sites I use series I’ll go with one of the sites I’ve used the longest – Slashdot.

What is Slashdot (from wikipedia):

Slashdot, often abbreviated as /.[1], is a science, science fiction, and technology-related news website owned by SourceForge, Inc.. It features user-submitted and editor-evaluated current affairs news with a “nerdy” slant. Each story on the site has an Internet forum-style comments section attached; Slashdot was one of the first popular websites to include a commentary section in such a prominent manner.

The summaries for the stories are generally submitted by Slashdot’s own readers with editors accepting or rejecting these contributions for general posting. While Slashdot’s haphazard editorial style produced a unique voice in the pre-blog age, users frequently post criticisms of perceived arbitrary or biased editorial choices.

Though the site predates the modern concept of the weblog, Slashdot’s architecture is commonly compared to that of modern blogs. Slashdot is notable in that its commenting system is much more robust than most blogs, with threading and user moderation having been introduced before these were commonplace in modern weblog packages.

Officially, the name “Slashdot” was chosen to confuse those who tried to pronounce the URL of the site (“h-t-t-pcolonslash-slash-slashdot-dot-org“)

I can say that I have been using it for roughly 9-10 years (depending on how early on I discovered it. For many years it was my primary geek news location. However in the last couple years that has started to waiver. I get my news now from sites like the previously mentioned Digg and other sites along the way. Slashdot moves too slow (which is not necessarily a bad thing) but gets boring when you are looking for quick news bites.

My last position (when I worked in the office) we had enough geeks there that we were actually banned for a couple days from slashdot by slashdot – because they thought we were launching a DoS attack on them. Just shows get a large large group of geeks together and they all think a like.

With the rise of digg is slashdot irrelevant? The legions of fans don’t seem to think so – going so far that diggers make fun of slashdotters and vice versa. If you are actually involved in the community the two are quite different. Slashdotters are passionate but Digg brings out more of a party care free atomsphere. I really don’t go to slashdot for the news anymore – I go for two things.

The first thing that I absolutely use as a reference point is the Ask Slashdot Section – this section allows you to post a question to the community and the community picks it apart or tells you unique answers that can be mostly quite helpful.

Which goes straight into the other reason I use slashdot – the commenting system. The fact that’s digg’s commenting system is broken (but they are fixing it soon) plus the attitudes difference makes slashdot’s comment section much more insightful and interesting then almost every other news board (to me at least).

The grandfather of the geek news sites will always have stories to tell and memories to live on. Let’s all hope it lives for a long long time.

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