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November 6, 2007

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Some of you that use the RSS feed to read my site will notice a few changes.

I have embedded Adsense and Amazon Affiliate strings in the feed (and on the page) – we’ll see how well and or intrusive this becomes. This is more of a test than anything. My readership is too low to garner any money really so it’s more of a test on the speed and loading impact it will have on the site. If there is negligible it may stay – if it’s noticeable I will remove it.

That being said for the up to the minute RSS readers – they will be receiving what I am currently digging as it happens. Yes I realize that I do this in the web wandering dump, but that information is already up to 24 hours out of date since I added it before it’s imported into here.

Flickr photos are also being wrapped up in a nice little package with my 5 latest photos as their uploaded. This is more for me in the sense it will make me take more photographs. Once again these are archived within a single post on the site as it happens, just a little more visual stuff in the feed.

When I do major changes like this I will let you know and I will not surprise you.

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