The Ubuntu Journey – Part 2

November 15, 2007

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Well I managed to get the sound working on my Toshiba laptop by following the steps in this thread.

So that’s part is done – I think my wireless card is working – but I have a key issue I need to work out with the encryption tomorrow.

SO sound and possibly NIC is working (I’m on a wired collection now)

I managed to get World of Warcraft working but I need to figure out how to lower the resolution without WINE crashing on me since I don’t need it maximized.

Star Wars Galaxies however moved over to the new launchpad on me today, so that is not working correctly in WINE – I’ll play more with that this weekend – but I still have a desktop I can handle that on.

ABC.COM wouldn’t stream its episodes saying I needed windows or OSX – I worked around this by starting the windows version of Firefox in WINE – then it worked fine – Foo on You ABC.

So all in all I think this migration is going to be a success but it’s only been a couple of hours so far – I’ll keep writing about my experiences and list how it goes for another Windows to Linux switcher.

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