The Trash Company Litters Also…

November 29, 2007

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Last night I was driving home from work and there was a garbage truck in front of me. I followed him for about 5 – 10 miles and during that time there was at least 5 pizza boxes, untold number of papers, and almost a constant flow of something coming out of the top of this truck back on to the highway.

The largest irony of this – is that for the last week and half the stretch of highway he was loosing stuff has one lane closed so they could clear litter off of the highway. I’m curious if there is any irony that some the trash that was originally picked up may have ended back on the same stretch of highway it came from. It all matters where it was dumped.

For those that care it seems the company operates in the Cleveland area. The company name on the truck was Republic Waste Disposal and the truck number was 263. I attempted to get a picture but my camera phone is terrible on most occasions and more so when trying to take a picture in a moving car of a moving object.

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