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December 3, 2007

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Web Wandering Dump

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Giuliani supporter says to RP supporter: “you will get hurt” [Digg]

Posted: 02 Dec 2007 12:10 PM CST

Tony DiMatteo, chairman of Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee, and a Giuliani supporter, tells a female Ron Paul supporter after she complained about Romney supporters voting for Romney 80 times each: “if you make a big deal out of this, you will get hurt.”

Ron Paul Calls CNN Out for Being ‘Biased’ in Debate [Digg]

Posted: 02 Dec 2007 07:47 AM CST

Boy, was CNN ever psyched about a Ron Paul interview they had on their site—a major traffic driver for CNN.com!—the day of the CNN/YouTube Republican debate, CNN’s John Roberts tells Paul in this clip from the channel’s post-debate coverage Wednesday. Paul, seemingly nonplused, points out that he was summarily and unfairly ignored until close to t

Ron Paul leaves impression on college students at football game [Digg]

Posted: 02 Dec 2007 05:49 AM CST

The annual “Mud Bowl” game, which is organized by students, took a back seat as the players stopped their game to come over and meet Paul. “Every decision he makes is based on the Constitution,” Jeff Comar said. “I also respect him for his view on Iraq. He’s the only one with the guts to say we shouldn’t be there and we need to get out now.”

Please Ignore Ron Paul. [Digg]

Posted: 02 Dec 2007 12:56 AM CST

An Open letter to ‘Old Media’ to please continue to ignore Republican Candidate Ron Paul.

Giuliani had NYPD walk Judi Nathan’s dog. Yes, you read that right. [Digg]

Posted: 01 Dec 2007 03:34 PM CST

Yesterday, every reporter who wanted a copy, was allowed to go down to City Hall and pick up copies of the city financial records that were the basis of the original Shag Fund report in the Politico.com. That’s how we found out about the weird $400,000 prepayment to American Express…

Ron Paul – last man standing, answering questions after YouTube debate. [Digg]

Posted: 01 Dec 2007 03:19 PM CST

An investigative journalism piece – in St. Petersburg Florida November 28th…

RIAA Cannot Spy on Our Students Says Oregon Attorney General [Digg]

Posted: 01 Dec 2007 02:39 PM CST

The Oregon AG is taking the offensive and filing legal papers demanding disclosure of the RIAA’s investigative methods. The filing alleges that the RIAA may have spied on students and illegally obtained their Social Security numbers and other personal information.

Rudy’s mistress forced NYPD to chauffeur her friends, family around city [Digg]

Posted: 30 Nov 2007 11:45 PM CST

—even when she wasn’t in the car. That set off alarms with ethics watchdogs. “The rules are clear, you can’t use city resources for private reasons. “It’s just wrong.” Giuliani’s press secretary, did not deny the assertion that Nathan used her police detail to ferry around friends and family. Video

How Geek Squad Investigated Its Own Porn Thieves [Digg]

Posted: 30 Nov 2007 02:03 PM CST

Innocents were fired. Liars kept their jobs. Store hard drives were scoured and sent to headquarters. Pants were shat. A fired Geek Squad supervisor tells how it all went down.

Windows Vista VS Linux [Digg]

Posted: 30 Nov 2007 12:54 PM CST

For 5 straight years, I never used windows for my personal desktop. But for the last 2 full months I have lived 100% in Windows Vista…

Wine 0.9.50 Released [Digg]

Posted: 30 Nov 2007 12:01 PM CST

This is release 0.9.50 of Wine, a free implementation of Windows on Unix. What’s new in this release: Completed I/O completion. Improved user credentials management, including Mac Keychain support. More Valgrinding. Lots of bug fixes.

Google Testing OpenID With Blogger, May Offer OpenIDs To Users [Digg]

Posted: 30 Nov 2007 07:29 AM CST

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to know who is driving this, and Google even drops a hint in the example link: “http://brad.livejournal.com/”; LiveJournal founder and former SixApart employee Brad Fitzpatrick joined Google in August and is credited as the founder of OpenID.

Rudy Giuliani mocks Parkinson’s victim [Digg]

Posted: 29 Nov 2007 10:51 PM CST

A man complains to Rudulph Giuliani that he lost his food stamps and Medicaid. Giuliani mocks him for “breathing funny” and says he “needs psychiatric help.” The man is a Parkinson’s victim confined to a wheelchair.

400-Yr-Old Ghost Faced Book Covered in a Sheet Human Skin is Up for Auction [Digg]

Posted: 29 Nov 2007 10:49 PM CST

It is thought the skin was cut from the corpse of one of Guy Fawkes’ fellow conspirators in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. And if you hold the novel in the right light, you might even see a ghostly face on the cover, it is claimed.

Rudy Giuliani is soft on terror when it comes to who he does business with [Digg]

Posted: 29 Nov 2007 10:00 PM CST

Suspicious ties indeed. The 9/11 kind.

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