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December 11, 2007

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Web Wandering Dump

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“2X Application Server”

Posted: 10 Dec 2007 03:46 PM CST

VentureCake » Blog Archive » 10 minutes to run every Windows app on your Ubuntu desktop

Posted: 10 Dec 2007 03:23 PM CST

Linux Tip: Smooth out your fonts in Ubuntu

Posted: 10 Dec 2007 03:10 PM CST

Linux Tip: Gently Restart a Frozen System

Posted: 10 Dec 2007 02:57 PM CST

Linux Tip: Use a Screensaver as Desktop Wallpaper

Posted: 10 Dec 2007 02:53 PM CST

How To: Make Your Linux Desktop Look Like a Mac

Posted: 10 Dec 2007 02:50 PM CST

via imgs.xkcd.com

Posted: 10 Dec 2007 09:47 AM CST

What Does “Bioshock” Have In Common With “The Incredibles”? [Digg]

Posted: 10 Dec 2007 08:55 AM CST

Intentional or not , both of them derive strong inspirations from Ayn Rand’s work. But where “Bioshock” illustrates the downfall of objectivism, “The Incredibles” spends most of its running time advocating it, to an extent that’s fairly shocking for a mainstream film. An exploration of the similarities and differences between the two.

Gallery: Looking Back at 25 Years of the C64, the Ultimate ’80s Computer

Posted: 10 Dec 2007 07:56 AM CST

Meet the Press omitts Ron Paul. Didn’t the Hearst Era End? [Digg]

Posted: 09 Dec 2007 08:31 PM CST

Again it happens. Ron Paul is not on the list of candidates worth talking to. Ron Paul will raise more money than three candidates combined who are invited but MSNBC is part of the “New Media” mind, that the country needs to know what we tell them they should know. Shame on Meet the Press for letting the “press” be the news, not report it!

Epcot Ride Shuns Steve Jobs for Woz? [Digg]

Posted: 09 Dec 2007 05:14 PM CST

Epcot’s most recently updated ride features an unnamed man tinkering with a computer in a garage. Is it co-founder Steve Jobs or co-founder Steve Wozniak? You decide?

10 Great Nintendo DS Gems For Under $15 [Digg]

Posted: 09 Dec 2007 11:41 AM CST

Since the DS is so popular, there aren’t a lot of good titles under $10, so I’ll set out mark at $15. Yes, I know, the DS isn’t retro at all, but most of these games are either old-school or retro in nature and should be enjoyed by even the most hardcore of classic gamers.

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