A Banzia Christmas

December 17, 2007

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This is a quick little ditty I wrote for the SWG Intrepid Forums off the top of my head. It’s unpolished and rough – but for who it’s written about it works. For those in the know I’m sure you will at least be amused – for those in the dark – I apologize, but it may be time to invest in a light bulb :)

You have heard what Banzia does during the holidays haven’t you?

A few years ago Santa decided that it was imperative that children fall asleep before he arrived.
Upon pondering his dilemma he asked his reindeer for advice
Rudolph told him a story of someone that would work out nice.

The was a man who liked crumpets and singing on the net
He was a great dancer and sure did dress swell
So Santa thought a bit more about the Man Rudolph recommended so well

Santa decided to approach this Brit with an idea forming
He thought this would be the start of an excellent plan
He never would have guessed the appearance of this man.

Santa Knocked on Banzia’s door ready for whatever came
Opening the door what greeted him was a surprising visage of a man
He was in red hawtpants, green elf shoes, and a mickey mouse glove on his left hand.

Santa laid out his plan – which included a new present for every child around
Every child would get a Banzia lullaby, sung by Banzia’s sweet voice
If they didn’t like it /shrug – they didn’t have a choice

Banzia thought about this plan very thoughtfully
He decided that he would accept this job if he got a cricket bat.
Santa agreed to this and then Banzia stole his hat.

So now children are serenaded by Christmas’s own sandman
So that streak of red in the sky might not be Rudolph, or Santa and his mail.
Wave to Banzia and his hawt pants because otherwise Santa would fail

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