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December 18, 2007

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Web Wandering Dump

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Startup Ribbit seeks to unite telephony and the Web

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 01:48 PM CST

Ron Paul Supporters Make History with $6 million Online Haul [Digg]

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 11:44 AM CST

Breaking records, further evidence that Americans want reform and freedom!

jedi_homeless (via voogzy)

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 11:10 AM CST

jedi_homeless (via voogzy)

Your Encryption Key Is Protected By The Constitution? [Digg]

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 10:42 AM CST

Soon the government will not be able to force you to give up your encryption key in a federal lawsuit. Encrypt your computer now!

via www.blogsmithmedia.com

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 10:14 AM CST

Hack this school network, win a router [Digg]

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 10:00 AM CST

There’s a wireless router gathering dust in Bob LaRocca’s office. It’s yours if you can hack into his network.

New image of 2008 Dodge Challenger found on web [Digg]

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 09:44 AM CST

Though not scheduled to be officially unveiled until the Detroit Auto Show in January, teaser shots of the 2008 Dodge Challenger seem to keep popping up.

Woolly Mammoths Were Killed Off by Trees [Digg]

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 09:27 AM CST

For years we’ve taken it as gospel truth that the woolly mammoth was hunted to extinction by our hairy caveman ancestors. Some scientists, however, are suggesting that what wiped out the mammoth was not hunting, but trees.

via i11.tinypic.com

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 09:11 AM CST

Closeted Badasses: 6 Famous Wusses That Would Own You [Digg]

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 07:49 AM CST

Every guy has done it: You’re watching TV when some metrosexual nancy boy comes bandying across the screen to the delight of every female in the room. “What’s that pussy got that I don’t?” is usually the question we’re left asking. Unfortunately, the answer is often “a whole lot.”

How to Hack Admin Password of Window XP without PC Open [Digg]

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 07:34 AM CST

Lets do it fast…. 1. Go to Start –> Run –> Type in CMD 2. Enter command: cd windowssystem32 3. mkdir newpass

Top 10 Reasons Why We Procrastinate [Digg]

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 05:18 AM CST

We’ve seen it a thousand times and you know what it’s called: procrastination. Unfortunately, friends, we’re pretty much sabotaging ourselves. Why? Two procrastination experts – yes, they study our laziness for a living – came up with a Top 10 list on why we procrastinate.

Big Brother Is Listening … And Listening … And Listening [Digg]

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 12:41 AM CST

“The NSA intercepts entire streams of electronic communications containing millions of telephone calls and e-mails. It runs the intercepts through very powerful computers that screen them for particular names, telephone numbers, Internet addresses, and trigger words or phrases. Any communications containing flagged information” are analyzed.

The coming exaflood, and why it won’t drown the Internet [Digg]

Posted: 16 Dec 2007 11:50 PM CST

For most of 2007, pundits have warned that a coming surge in traffic could threaten innovation and lead to “brownouts.” We’ve heard these claims before; are they any truer this time around?

Final Fantasy: Twenty Years and a Massive Universe Later [Digg]

Posted: 16 Dec 2007 09:53 PM CST

A pretty interesting look back at the Final Fantasy franchise at it’s twentieth anniversary.

Biden on CIA tapes: ‘I don’t trust the President’ [Digg]

Posted: 16 Dec 2007 09:43 PM CST

VIDEO: Senator Joe Biden calls for independent counsel to investigate the destruction of the 2002 CIA tapes by the Bush Administration.

Hands on with the new online version of OpenOffice.org [Digg]

Posted: 16 Dec 2007 09:36 PM CST

Ulteo has taken OpenOffice.org online with some initially positive results. We take the suite for a test drive to see how the beta stacks up.

Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telecom Industry [Digg]

Posted: 16 Dec 2007 09:09 PM CST

“In December 2000,” U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) “officials wrote a transition report to the incoming Bush administration, saying the agency must become a ‘powerful, permanent presence’ on the commercial communications network, a goal that they acknowledged would raise legal and privacy issues.”

AFI’s Top 10 Movies of 2007 [Digg]

Posted: 16 Dec 2007 08:54 PM CST

The American Film Institute picked its Top Ten American Films of 2007 this weekend. Check out the list in alphabetical order after the jump.


Posted: 16 Dec 2007 07:17 PM CST

Result of State’s First Ever Testing of E-Voting Systems Find All Systems ‘Vulnerable’ to Manipulation and Theft by ‘Simple Techniques’

Wexler Meets Goal Of 50,000Signatures For Cheney Impeachment

Posted: 16 Dec 2007 06:15 PM CST

Wexler was hoping to get 50,000 signatures and it didn’t take long — it took just 24 hours to meet his goal and the signatures are still rolling in. If you haven’t signed the petition yet, you can find it here.

Two New Dark Knight Movie Posters, One Leaked Prologue

Posted: 16 Dec 2007 05:03 PM CST

As we all anxiously await the online debut of the trailer for The Dark Knight, we’ve scored two new posters that feature The Joker himself. And here’s a link to where the IMAX Prologue, otherwise known as the first 6 minutes of The Dark Knight has been leaked

Dodd To Filibuster FISA Bill – Needs Material To Read [Digg]

Posted: 16 Dec 2007 04:52 PM CST

Senator Reid is essentially selling out his own party to allow the Senate to debate the FISA bill with the telecom immunity. Senator Dodd will filibuster. Feingold and Kennedy will ask questions to give Dodd a chance to rest or have a bite. But Dodd needs things to say while filibustering on the Senate floor. What would you like to hear him say?

Ancient secrets emerge from grave

Posted: 16 Dec 2007 03:32 PM CST

The bones of six bishops buried more than 600 years ago have been identified using new hi-tech methods.

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