Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

December 26, 2007

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In the next week or so I’ll be moving from blogger to wordpress. One of the key differences that is nailing me right now is tags versus categories. So for the migration I’m eliminating some of my tags on my blogger site so it’s less work to import them into a style I like with the wordpress themes.

During the import they show up as categories – which for some weird reason of my own bothers me – so the tags that existed before will show up again as tags after the migration.

As for the current site –

RSS feed will be redirected so RSS users will lose nothing in the migration (cross fingers)

The DNS is being updated so people manually going to the site won’t have any issues.

The current blog on blogger will revert to creeva.blogspot.com which it was originally so the site is not being deleted – but this will screw up most of my google search results. This is a price I should pay now instead of after another year of links being aggregated to this blog.

I’m hoping to implement some new features – one would be to pull in RSS links of what I do manually instead of the messy web wandering dumps I do now. So when I digg a story it will hit the blog as a post instead of being saved up throughout the day. The people that read the site via RSS already get these notifications. I’m just going to have the website flow the same way that the RSS feed does currently.

The one thing I’ve struggled with the most if the theme. It seems some of the features I have on blogger I lose – since there is no easy way to do categories on the top bar that I have found. I may implement them in the future when I figure out wordpress’s method of doing it. Until then however I’m going to take this chance to have a new theme and see how that works out for me.

Wish me luck – I’ll post more on this if I run into any issues other then themes as they come up.

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