How the new works – Part 1 The Visual Look and Layout

Ok so I’m finally happy enough with the migration that I moved all the DNS settings over to my new web host and turned the old back to   As they say, breaking up is hard to do.   Hard for me since I had some functionality in the old blog that I was missing (until earlier today) in the new blog.

First of all, obviously I have moved to a sparser design.   I like zen-like simplicity.   No distractions and the meat in front of you on the plate.  Part of this reason is that moving from the blogger platform to the WordPress platform I couldn’t use the same themes and I was being lazy when it came to the idea of converting the theme.   After being distraught and having issues over this fact I then decided I would make a new layout.  After coming to this conclusion I became happier and more excited about the new layout.   There are some more things to do but that will come with time.

The basic design things you will see is less widgets on the front page (and no advertising ) I moved some of the functionality off to sub pages (something blogger didn’t support).

My subpages are across the top they are:

Random Quotes    –  These are things I’ve collected over time (this page may not make the grade long-term)

About Me   –  A Random Self Observation
Security – Some of the Security I’ve enjoyed that I wrote myself

Music – Not finished – but is going to old information about the bands I play in

Photos – My photo album (sourced at Flickr)

Videos – Videos I’ve made or uploaded – or just videos I like

Contact Me – My contact information

Links – Links to friends/

It’s late and I’ll get to writing up part 2 of how the new works tomorrow.  The next part of this mini-series is which WordPress plug-ins I am using.

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